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Solar Charge Controller - 20A - Intelligent 2 USB Ports Display - 12V/24V

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  • Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto and Charge Current: 20A and Discharge Current: 20A
  • The solar charge controller has a low failure rate and will last a long time. Easy to set up and operate. Suitable for home and industrial use
  • Electronic protection. Fully automatic operation. PWM charge mode. Microcontroller digital accuracy. Double digital LED display. Temperature compensation with external temperature sensor
  • Has an Intelligent 2 USB Ports Display, which allow you to connect your devices
  • Built-in electronic fused that do not require replacements. When using all solar controller, the first step is to connect with the battery, and the second step is to connect with the solar panel

ALEKO solar charge controller is a kind of intelligent, multi functional solar charge and discharge controller. All the controlling parameters can be reset flexibly to satisfy your different needs. The function of the controller is to protect the voltage overshoot and discharge. When there is no sunshine, the light intensity decreases to starting point. The controller will recognize the starting signal after six minutes. The load will start to work according to the setting parameter. When there is sunshine, the light intensity rises to start point, and then the controller recognizes the close signal after six minutes. The load will stop working. When using ALEKO solar controller, remember first to connect with the battery, then connect with the solar panel. Solar controller: 12V /24V auto Related current:10A, 20A Output loads : two USB output 5V 2A Output load: 12V/24V output normal Battery Voltage: 12V /24V Max Power of solar panel: 360W/720W No load current : below 10mA Stop charge voltage:14.7V/29.4V Low voltage recovery:12.2V/24.4V Low voltage protection: 10.5V/21.0V USB output voltage/current: 5V 2A Case: ABS Storage humidity: 10~80 percent.